Our Quality Policy

In accordance with the vision of being a reference genetics center in the national and international arena, with our expert team committed to scientific and ethical values;

  • To provide scientific, reliable, innovative, economical and high-quality service to society,
  • To improve laboratory service required for diagnosis with measurement, analysis, and continuous training,
  • To ensure continuous improvement and stakeholder satisfaction with the feedback of patients, clinicians, and clients,
  • To ensure patient and data security by adhering to the principle of impartiality and confidentiality,
  • To ensure that the conditions specified in the TS EN ISO 15189: 2013-04 standard are met,
  • To support the participation of our laboratory team in national and international congresses, to provide access to the most up-to-date information in the clinical and laboratory field and to contribute to science • Supporting the production of knowledge by strengthening the investigative aspect of our team and presenting this knowledge to the benefit of our patients,
  • To adopt a service that values people throughout the laboratory and in all our sub-units,

are the things we are committed to.

In order to implement the quality policies mentioned above, department-based quality targets are established throughout the laboratory, the level of reaching the targets is reviewed with the contributions of all personnel, and continuous improvement and sustainable quality are taken as a basis.